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6 Signs To Spot A Roof Leaks And Water Damage in your home or business In Fort Myers, FL

Roof leaks in your home or business can be very difficult. Whether it is from high winds, hail, or torrential rains a roof leak can cause a lot of problems to a home including water damage. A roof leak can be caused by improper installation a just wear and tear over time/age. The two most important things to do after noticing your roof leaking is to temporarily fix the leak (a tarp) and get a moisture inspection to identify any signs of water damage to the property.

It can be very difficult to notice small leaks because it’s going to affect the attic first and then work its way down towards the structure. One reason it can be difficult to spot a leak is because the insulation in an attic often acts as a sponge but can only hold so much moisture and once it soaks up all it can take then it can quickly spread to the materials around it.

Here are a few signs to look for to spot a roof leak

  • Water staining on the ceiling or walls- When water affects drywall it will create a yellow staining that will get darker as time goes on.
  • Ceiling bubbling or sagging- When there is water present on the ceiling it can create pockets of water and possibly even cause the ceiling sag or even collapse in some situations. A gallon of water weights 8.34 pounds.
  • Paint peeling- When water affects the paint it can lead to the paint peeling
  • Wood rotting- Is a main sign for any water damage event. Wood begins to rot at 16% moisture content. You will notice decay and possible mold growth.
  • Mold growth/smell- A mildew odor can be a sign of any water damage. Mold can develop 24-72 hours if it is not handled correctly.
  • Water spots in an attic- When a roof leaks the water has to first go through the attic. Most attics contain plywood and when it gets wet it will change color.

Time is of the essence to stop further damages from occurring. An attic may even have electric cords and pipes which can be a big fire hazard. The attic can also contain feces, bacteria, animals, urine, dirt, insulation etc, which the water will have to flow through in order to reach the structure of the property. Once this happens the water can get contaminated. Whether the leak is small or large the water will penetrate all porous materials and if not handled correctly mold can quickly grow and contaminate the entire structure which can have a ton of health risks and issues. Water flows to the passage of least resistance and loves metal so once it gets in the structure it can quickly spread to various areas.

If you believe you have a roof leak make sure you call Affordable Water Restoration. We have a lot of experience in water damage and dehumidification in Fort Myers and will even bill your insurance company directly so you do not have to pay for our services.

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