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Basic things every home owner in Fort Myers, Florida should know about Diagnosing and Cleaning up Water Damage in Your Home

Water damage in a home can be very stressful and frustrating and most of the time it is a customer’s first time experiencing such an event. This is why at Affordable Water Restoration our IICRC trained water damage professionals will guide you every step of the way including dealing with your insurance company. Our main goal is to help the customer while drying out the property efficiently and quick as possible to bring the property back to pre-loss conditions.

Water quickly soaks into porous materials such as drywall, insulation, cabinetry, carpentry, textiles, etc. It is very important to mitigate the damages as soon as possible to salvage the affected materials and to prevent secondary damages to the structure such as mold. The IICRC is the main standard of care for all restoration projects which stands for institute of Inspection cleaning and restoration certification. Affordable Water Restoration is proud to be IICRC Certified.

There are 3 categories of water damage, however the amount of time, temperature, humidity and any possible chemicals or contamination in a home can have a factor on classifying the category of water.

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Category 1- Water that originates from a sanitary water source and that does not pose as a substantial risk of your health. A few examples of are but not limited to broken water supply lines, tub or sink overflows with no contaminants or fallen rain water.

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Category 2- Water that contains a significant amount of contamination and has the potential to cause sickness or discomfort. A few examples are but not limited to the drain of a washing machine/dishwasher, overflow from a washing machine, broken aquariums, or seepage due to hydrostatic pressure.

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Category 3- Water that is grossly contaminated and contain pathogenic, toxigenic or other harmful agents and can cause significant reactions to humans if contacted or consumed. A few examples are but not limited to sewage, ground surface water and rising water from rivers or streams, sources carrying silt, organic matter, pesticides, heavy metals or toxic materials.
There are also four classes of water damage which can provide a point of reference to aid in recommendations of the type, size and amount of equipment initially installed on a water damage project.
  1. Class 1- The least amount of water, absorption and evaporation load. Water intrusion where wet porous materials are less than 5% of the affected surface area.
  2. Class 2- Significant amount of water, absorption and evaporation load. Water intrusion with wet porous materials represent 5%-40% of the affected materials
  3. Class 3- Greatest amount of water, absorption, and evaporation load. Water intrusion with wet porous materials that exceed more than 40% of the affected area.
  4. Class 4- Deeply held or bound water. Water intrusion that is hidden, trapped, or bound with low evaporation materials. A few examples are multilayer wallboard, gym floors, or other complex, built-up assemblies. This often requires special drying methods and controlled drying techniques.  ​

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Our professional restoration cleaning experts understand the complex nature of restoration jobs. This helps us deliver excellent results for each of our clients.

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