Extreme Rage Paintball Park of Fort Myers

Over the past decade, the paintball industry has experienced one heck of a rollercoaster ride especially here in South-West Florida. Extreme Rage Paintball Park originally opened circa 2002 on Durrance Rd in North Fort Myers. In 2004, the park relocated to its current location and has since remarkably withstood the test of time. There have been multiple owners along the way, even a name change or two (the park operated as Oasis Paintball Park between 2006 and 2011) but the reality is that the park has never been closed for longer than a weekend. Known for always providing a fun and safe environment, Extreme Rage Paintball Park in Fort Myers has become the #1 choice for family parties, corporate outings, and avid paintballers alike.

Meet the owner:
At age 11, an adventurous young boy asks his mother if she will take him to the local paintball field for the first time. Being an (often overly) protective mother, she is worried that the paintballs are going to hurt and that her young boy is going to cry in front of the bigger boys at the paintball park. She makes a deal with her son "I will shoot you with a paintball, and if you can handle it (without crying), I will take you to the paintball field." she says. This was the only chance he needed. A glimmer of hope. Mom and son venture into the back yard. He put on his facemask and began to slowly walk across to the other side of the yard, his mind racing, his body shaking with anticipation. "Will I be able to handle it?" he thinks to himself. A short 40 feet away, he turns around to face his mother. "Are you ready?" she asks. Before he is even able to respond, a paintball flies past him and hits the fence behind. Mom missed her first shot. "Let me try again" she remarks. The second paintball found a nice tender target, squarely in the boy’s neck. The mother shrieks, the boy does not let out a sound. No tears. Mom cannot believe it. She has no choice but to hold up her end of the deal and allow the boy to play paintball. ​

This page is a collection of REAL reviews found from across the web, they have not been edited for content. The reviews you find on places like Facebook and Google+ are the same reviews (word for word) that you will find here. There are so many great reviews out there that chosing the order to list them in is not an easy task.“The referees were very accommodating...they would take the time to explain all of the rules (especially since this was our first time to the park) and made sure to match us up with others that had the same experience level. The rental/front counter staff were also very nice and took the time to explain the equipment, etc. I would definitely recommend Extreme Rage to others, it was a great place to spend the afternoon with the kids...a great value too! May 10, 2014”

"Great place to play. They have everything you want a paintball field to have. Woods ball, air ball and good ole hyperball. A great place for all skill levels, the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They have great prices and even have equipment for rent for those that need it." - Don D.

"Great place with great people. Prices are decent and the fields are pretty nice." - Nicole E.

"Friendly employees. Good services, really accommodating. We showed up on a day that they were hosting a tournament, and they went out of their way to make us happy, and let us play where we wanted. I will be back!" - Gary G.

"Best Staff. Had a blast here and will return. Met the owner of this place... Cool guy and really helpful. Must do if you want to try paintball. Really recommend this place." - Buddy G.

"Extreme rage is a great!! Place to paintball friendly referees they're always fair. The woods ball is the best many many forts to hide in, and a lot of games to play! I will be retuning to play!" - A Google User

“This place is great! The staff is amazing at making beginners feel comfortable with the sport. They make you feel at home and all keep the games interesting! May 04, 2014”

“It was a wonderful first time experience. Plan for more than an hour and expect to buy more paint balls. The staff was wonderful, responsible, and customer service was above par. February 15, 2014”

"Great staff. Refs are awesome and the fields and area are always clean. Great place to have a good day of paintball." - Gerald N.

"very innovated and geared towards a fun and safe experience. at least a decade of experience in the paintball industry. in house air-smith is a plus." - Kyle J.

"You can Speed Ball... take a break... Hyper Ball... take a break... Woods Ball... take a break... Then start all over again! This field has EVERYTHING you need!" - Chawn E.

"This place is amazing! Had a blast on suit Sunday with family and friends. We can't wait til we go back. The staff is awesome." - Jilberto N.

"Great place for recreational players or divisional.. Great family style Paintball Park!!!!" - Tony F.

“The park the referees were amazing. All the boys had an awesome day (stayed 6 hours)! February 22, 2014”

"The only place i would go play on my free time. I love playing in the woods and how everything is set up . I like the rush you get when you enter the woods. The service and the refs are friendly. Great place to go" - Andres Z.

"Highly recommend this. Had a blast with 5 friends for about 3 hours. Never went paint balling before but I'll be sure to go back. Great crowd. February 16, 2014”

"I LOVE THIS PLACE!" - Antwon H.

"All aspects of paintball are covered at this field, including the return of the HyperBall field concept. Great customer service managed by paintball enthusiasts who really care about making your impression of paintball a positive one." - Bea Y.

"Don't forget. You can book private parties ,birthday parties. And Business get togethers to distress. Have played here many times at private night parties too!!" - Dee T.

"Great clean field & awesome staff. Saw Refs running in to pull players out if necessary, can't beat that on any day rarity to find on any field anymore. Paint was incredible 6/8-6/9." - Larry H.

"One of the best fields in FL. Great ref crew and fresh paint. Worth the drive from Orlando." - Shane O.

"The extremely helpful staff and killer fields makes it easily the best park in FL 10 stars out of 5" - Joseph B.

“Very fun! This was my first time paintballing and I had a blast. The staff was extremely kind and went out of their way to ensure everyone had a great time. June 07, 2014”

“Hurts when the paint balls hit you. May 31, 2014”

“Bring plenty of water and Gatorade to stay hydrated. May 18, 2014”

“If you can please wear full body armour or long pants and long sleeve shirt. May 17, 2014”

“This is a great facility located in ft. Myers and not affliated with extreme rage in ft. Lauderdale May 04, 2014”

“Friendly people. Great facility. My boys had a fun time. Bring lots of drinks and food to be able to enjoy the whole day. We would definitely go back!!! April 26, 2014”

“Had a great time. Would definitely recommend it to others. April 12, 2014”

“No they did a GREAT!!! My family had BLAST!!! We had a group of 12. April 05, 2014”

“Must make reservation at least one week in advance March 22, 2014”

“Wear hooded sweater! Awesome crowd and nice people working at the place. Always helpful and smiling. March 15, 2014”

“Best paint ball games ever! My kids love the game and thought this to be the best March 01, 2014”

“Best time ever forour first annual father son day February 23, 2014"

“First time paintballers. The staff were extremely helpful and the refs were fun, fair and put us all at ease. February 16, 2014”

"Great day out will be back again hopefully" - David O.

"This place is super on point." - David T.

“Freaking awesome!! May 04”, 2014”

"i like this place...a lot....♥" - London M.

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