Affordable Mold Inspection & Testing Fort Myer

Affordable Water Restoration is a ​licensed mold remediation company (MRSR2028).

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Affordable Water Restoration is a licensed mold remediation company (MRSR2028).

​In the state of Florida you need to be licensed to remove mold. We have the best trained professionals learning the most recent ways of eliminating all mold spores.

Mold can be very toxic to your health and lead to life-long consequences. Removing mold requires a series of very serious steps.

Most of the time when dealing with mold it is often required you consult a 3rd party company to proving air samples and further testing to the property and write up the necessary protocol.

​Affordable Water Restoration will work directly with your insurance company so you do not have to. We provide free inspections for all homeowners and commercial buildings. ​
​We’re certified mold experts; If you’re looking for a great job, Affordable Water Restoration is the best company for you.

We offer Free Mold Removal Inspection! Give us a call to book yours at ​ ​239-645-7472

If you’re trying to eliminate the mold and stains you found in your place, we can help you and make your life better.

We are a modern and experienced company that focus on cleaning, maintenance, and restoration of your home. We have an experienced and professional team that helps you save money while taking care of your Mold Problem.

We have invested in the training of our technicians for years to ensure that our customers do not have to suffer from mold problems in the home and basement. We are specialists in humidity, we provide a solution and a specific treatment for different mold problems in Fort Myers.

Just because you may not find any mold after a cleanup, it doesn’t indicate that all of the mold is gone. Mold is a kind of fungus that’s found almost everywhere. Even though it is a necessary component in life, it is not necessary within your home. When it becomes a problem there is a very high concentration of mold spores within your home. Be mindful of which products that you use to clean black mold.

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